SHEN treatment

SHEN is a Powerful Healing Therapy

SHEN uses precise touch to profoundly relax the body. It clears tension on deeper and deeper levels. Energy is then freed to flow. Emotional pain can then be fully felt through and healed. Positive feelings such as joy, contentment and confidence arise.

Touch that occurs in SHEN therapy is gentle, safe and non-intrusive.  As my past clients testify, the effects are often powerful and transformative. It facilitates your growth and development.

SHEN Therapy Can Help With These Problems and More…


You feel sad or low – your depression may be recent, or a problem you’ve struggled with for much of your life.

Anxiety, compulsive behaviors, fears or phobias:

You may worry incessantly or engage in certain behaviors repeatedly. You might suffer from panic attacks or irrational fears.

Symptoms of Trauma / PTSD:

Perhaps you’ve experienced a traumatic event. It could have been an accident or physical or sexual assault. Perhaps you experienced neglect or physical, emotional, or sexual abuse in childhood. You may have trouble have trouble sleeping, experience flashbacks, or have a range of other symptoms.

Stress, body tension or health problems:

Chronic stress can lead to painful body tension such as neck, shoulder and back problems; and health challenges such as digestive issues, chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia.

Relationship Problems:

You may have a pattern of relationships that are difficult or painful. Or, you might be grieving the ending of a relationship. Perhaps you’ve been betrayed by your partner.


You may have an addiction to alcohol, street or prescription drugs. Perhaps you have an eating disorder.

How You Can Benefit From SHEN Therapy

You will feel deeply rested and energized

SHEN reduces stress and helps your body relax and restore itself on a deep level.

You can feel more in control of your life

You can reduce or clear painful emotions that have prevented you from living a full life. You can feel more confident and capable.

You can have more rewarding relationships

SHEN helps shed old habits and behaviors that no longer serve you. In turn, your intimate relationships, as well as those with friends and family, will improve.

Your positive emotions will shine through more brightly

You can feel happier, more fulfilled and content.

You can feel stronger and more resilient

You will be more able to bounce back quickly from difficult life experiences.

SHEN Treatment

Why Work With Me as Your SHEN Therapist?

I have 16 years experience as a Buddhist practitioner and teacher. For 7 years I lived at a remote retreat centre in North Wales. I’m also an ordained Buddhist and lead events across the UK.

My Buddhist practice of compassion has helped me become more authentic, grounded and intuitive in my SHEN work. I provide an environment of safety in which you can feel comfortable to be yourself. I work to understand you deeply and do whatever I can to help you reach your goals for healing.

My intensive mediation experience and studies have also given me a direct understanding of how the body holds the emotional effects of trauma and how effective SHEN sessions can be in discharging this legacy. Click here to read more about me.

SHEN therapy can turn your life around

If you want to experience the benefits of SHEN Therapy, I work in Birmingham, London, and Manchester.

You have 2 booking options:

Book a SHEN Therapy intensive

(available in Birmingham, London, and Manchester)

Book a single or double SHEN therapy session

(available in Birmingham only)

You may be surprised at how much better you may feel after your first session

What My Clients Are Saying

Russell quickly and easily established the boundaries of therapeutic space and in no time I trusted his skill and judgement in sessions. The SHEN session were a revelation and opened several layers of body armouring. I wholeheartedly recommend Russell and his SHEN work to anyone seeking an organic and holistic way to open more fully to their mind and body. A wonderful experience!
Nick, Corwen

I would thoroughly recommend Russell as a practitioner of Shen Therapy. I was very impressed by his sensitivity and the reassuring sense of security and kindness that somehow emanated from his hands as he worked on me. I wish now that I had discovered Shen years ago. If you are lucky enough to get the chance to have sessions with Russell then give it a try: you may well be amazed.
Vicky, London

I have just completed a course of SHEN therapy with Russell. The whole experience has been an adventure. I have been able to get in touch with many things that were holding me back. I feel much more emotionally fulfilled than before the sessions. I would thoroughly recommend SHEN to anyone and I wish I had come across it in my youth – as some painful times could have been worked through and life be happier. I would thoroughly recommend Russell – who is clearly very good at what he does.
Stuart, Birmingham

Further Information

If you’d like any further information about SHEN therapy please get in touch