What Should I wear for a SHEN session?

There are no special clothing requirements for a SHEN session. To enable the belly to breathe freely, it is best if clothing allows for free movement in the waist area. Tight fitting trousers and belts are not recommended.

How long would a session last?

A SHEN session normally lasts arounds 70 minutes. Before each treatment on the table, I will ask you about your emotional and physical well being. This will help establish which areas of the body to focus on. After the treatment, I will check in with you about the treatment you received.

What does the word SHEN mean?

SHEN® is the acronym for Specific Human Emotional Nexus. It was developed by the American scientist and researcher Richard Pavek. Historically, methods similar to SHEN were used long ago in the Greek Healing Caves of Asclepius and in the Egyptian Per Ankhs, or houses of life.

Have clinical studies on SHEN been carried out?

Yes, successful pilot studies have been completed on SHEN and migraines, SHEN and premenstrual tension, and SHEN and depression. Large majorities in all three studies reported positive, lasting changes. There has been no funding available for the large scale double blind studies necessary for publication in major medical journals.

How many sessions do I need?

A typical course of SHEN therapy is 10 sessions, but this can be longer or shorter depending on what you are seeking. I monitor progress closely as we work towards reaching your main objectives and aims. One session per week is fine. However, SHEN is an uncovering therapy that works more quickly and deeply – the more sessions you have. Some people request a double session (10 minute break in between) per week . If you are only able to see me occasionally, or wish to make a lot of progress relatively quickly, you may be interested in having a ‘intensive’ which is 5 sessions over the course of a day (for between 1-3 days in a row)

Is SHEN similar to Reiki?

I am regularly asked this question! A number of my clients have received Reiki, some of whom are Reiki teachers. I don’t think I have spoken to anyone who hasn’t said the experience of receiving SHEN is very different to receiving Reiki – although both involve non intrusive light touch. SHEN focuses on relaxing deep muscular tension – and everything follows from this – in particular the emotional and energetic releases. My own experience is I appreciate the positive healing energy of Reiki – it can feel like I am being bathed in a healing calming presence. My experience of receiving SHEN is often more of painful difficult emotions and tensions clearing – with a profound sense of relief and empowerment as these release and leave the system.