Russell is a very skilled and sensitive practitioner, whose clear communication and calm, empathic presence creates a deep sense of safety. I have experienced a number of different body therapies over the years, but none have been as gently powerful and healing as SHEN. In particular, the sessions allowed me to explore my experience of major surgery, both as a child and a young adult, and to let go of some deeply-held emotional pain and self-limiting views relating to this. As a result, I have come into a more kindly and accepting relationship with my body and my past, which has been very freeing. I am deeply grateful to Russell for his skill and support through this process, and wholeheartedly recommend SHEN to others.



Russell quickly and easily established the boundaries of therapeutic space and in no time I trusted his skill and judgement in sessions. The SHEN session were a revelation and opened several layers of body armouring. I wholeheartedly recommend Russell and his SHEN work to anyone seeking an organic and holistic way to open more fully to their mind and body. A wonderful experience!



Russell is an excellent practitioner, very calm in demeanour and very focused. I had some very difficult days after receiving SHEN (4 sessions in a day), in terms of emotions coming up to be released, which made me think that the work Russell had done had been very powerful.



The SHEN treatments have seen releasing of energy, relaxing, and the bringing of new perspectives on personal issues. Russell is calm, reassuring, reliable and easy to communicate with. I feel great after each session, even if it was very emotional.



When I first heard about Shen I was at a point in my life where I was i knew I had to deal with some hindering issues. I was overweight and unhappy in myself, struggling with procrastination (so not achieving my goals) , stressed and dealing with a past trauma. Shen Therapy is a very subtle but powerful therapy. Some sessions i physically felt shifts and others were more emotional releases. Today I am nearly 3 stone lighter, much more organised, and much better able to recognise and respond to situations which would have previously sent me “spinning”. I am confident that Shen Therapy directly influenced my improved quality of life and changes i have made and i would recommend that you experience the therapy to truly understand how it works and more importantly how it feels . Truly amazing



The last session was pretty intense and very different – after effects were very different as well -since then I have been much better – it has stopped my depression in its tracks – I have been able to meditate, run and do some yoga and generally on top of things much better this week.



In my first session, huge waves of pain about my daughter’s death – that I’d been holding in my body – surfaced and were released. Russell was extremely skilful in enabling me to allow the pain to surface. I felt completely safe and fully supported throughout this very deep experience. After which he said it might be helpful, if I felt there might be more work to be done, to have a second session. Which I did, the next day.

The second session was if anything, stronger than the first. I felt as if this was pain coming from longer ago. As if my body itself was feeling and grieving the loss of my baby. Again, the pain surfaced and was released in distinct waves. Once again I felt completely safe and well supported by Russell throughout.

A little while after the second treatment my body felt perceptible lighter. And since that time I have also had a sense of some release from the weight of old patterns of guilt that I had carried for years.

I feel I have been unexpectedly, and amazingly helped by Russell’s Shen treatments and wholeheartedly recommend them to others.



I have just completed a course of SHEN therapy with Russell. The whole experience has been an adventure. I have been able to get in touch with many things that were holding me back. I feel much more emotionally fulfilled than before the sessions. I would thoroughly recommend SHEN to anyone and I wish I had come across it in my youth – as some painful times could have been worked through and life be happier. I would thoroughly recommend Russell – who is clearly very good at what he does.



I would thoroughly recommend Russell as a practitioner of Shen Therapy. I was very impressed by his sensitivity and the reassuring sense of security and kindness that somehow emanated from his hands as he worked on me. I wish now that I had discovered Shen years ago. If you are lucky enough to get the chance to have sessions with Russell then give it a try: you may well be amazed.



I recently underwent a course of 7 SHEN therapy sessions. I am in my 70s and had worked with inner tension around the heart area all my adult life, related to my mother’s death when I was 11 and other childhood traumas. The treatment has left me with a feeling of inner space and relaxation. This has been maintained for several months now. I believe this treatment to be particularly helpful to heal the effects of painful experiences that weren’t properly expressed at the time of the event. Although the sessions themselves weren’t always easy, I am delighted with the result. Russell is a skilled professional, with an empathetic manner, and able to hold any difficulties that came up. I felt completely confident in his care.



The positive response continued after I left you. It almost felt like my body was singing. I know how strange that may sound. But that’s how it felt. My body radiated a feeling of love. It felt like I was being given a constant hug. I nearly texted you the day after to ask what you had done to me as I felt so good. Thank you again for your help Russell. Many blessings.



SHEN is undoubtedly one of the most profound and expedient healing modalities I have ever encountered. The effects go way beyond the confines of the actual session and have palpable and ongoing effects upon the very trajectory of one’s life.